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Conveyancing is a difficult term to remember how to spell but it is the name given to the branch of law dealing with transfer of ownership of property.

It is the process of transferring legal ownership between buyer and seller, normally carried out by a solicitor or licenced conveyancer.

Under English and Welsh law agreements are not legally binding until contracts are exchanged. In Scotland things work slightly different in that the contract is generally concluded at a much earlier stage, and the initial offer, once accepted by the seller, is legally binding.

Due to the historical importance placed on land and property in the UK it is essential that a solicitor is used in the purchase or sale of a property. Conveyancing also needs to be done when remortgaging a property or releasing equity from a property.

Conveyancing tasks include local authority and land registry searches to name a few. The cost of conveyancing can vary across the UK from different solicitors. It also varies on the cost of the property(s) involved. Woolwich recently commissioned a survey on the cost of Conveyancing. For a house work £80,000 the average cost was £415 plus VAT.

Remember your circumstances could be different but it is always advisable to get a few quotes to get the best value for you. To get a free no obligation conveyancing quote just enter your details in the box to the right. The form makes less than 30 Seconds to fill out.

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